A registrant is an individual who is registered with RSC.
A registrant can belong to a club, team or league or be an independent.
A member is a club, team or league registered with RSC.


The registration process requires that a skater, coach, instructor, official or volunteer registers directly with RSC.

To complete a RSC registration form and release/waiver, use one of the convenient and user friendly web based forms.

Once your registration form is submitted and the payment is received and has cleared, the registration is completed and the registrant is fully insured.


Affiliated club or league

When choosing the affiliated club, team or league: if it is not shown in the drop-down list for "Club Affiliation", the registrant must select "Independent" and then contact your club, team or league to let them know. It is your club, team or league's responsibility to follow up with us to update your records once they have registered.

Submitting the registration

Shortly after submitting the registration, an Email confirming its reception by RSC is automatically sent to the registrant. From this moment, the registrant is temporarily insured for a period of up to 7 days until the payment is received. In the eventuality that the payment is not completed:

Accessing your registration data

You can use the My RSC Number page to:

Note : the information to enter in the required fields must match exactly what is in RSC files to retrieve the registrant's data. And yes, it works on Smart Phones too!


In addition to cheques, RSC accepts payments by Visa, MasterCard, Discovery and American Express (through PayPal.)

RSC postal address for mailing cheques is:

Roller Sports Canada
ATTN: Membership Office
2315 Bostock Cres.
Mississauga, Ontario
L5J 3S8
Important: NSF cheques carry a $45 penalty. A second NSF cheque will void the coverage immediately

PayPal payments must be made using a credit card and must be made through the RSC registration system. Should the payment be made from a bank account, this will delay the transfer of funds to RSC and potentially result in the suspension of the insurance.

If your PayPal payment fails, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SEND FUNDS MANUALLY. If you do, the payment will not be tracked and this could void your insurance coverage. Contact us at for help. We do not accept any kind of electronic transfer of funds (such as Email Money Transfer or e-Interac payments.)

Important: DO NOT REGISTER AGAIN. Multiple registrations cause RSC extra administrative work and will result in delaying the completion of the registration.


A club, team or league MUST also register or renew for the year.

There is now a renewal function for Members. To retrieve the current information that RSC has in files click on this link Member registration or renewal.

To register or renew a club, team or league, the name, email address and RSC number for all of the directors must be provided or the form will fail to function. This is by design, as all directors must have a current registration prior to registering a club, team or league.


Club / League administrators can now obtain the list of registrants affiliated with their respective club /league by filling the form available from this link "Send a list of registrants"

The club administrator is responsible for the following:


If assistance is needed, contact the RSC Administrator at

Registrant (Individual) - Register or Renew your Insurance Registration here.
Member (Club and League) - Register or Renew here.
Lookup your current RSC number or to check on your expiry date please use this form.
Club Administrators, to get your current list of members please use this form.

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